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The purpose of the forwarding service is to organise the transportation of goods. Although this sounds like a simple task, without prior experience of this, it can become overwhelming. Logiscom only employs freight forwarders who have at least three years’ experience in the industry. Since such a role involves a great level of responsibility and the right approach, we always ensure that our employees have the right knowledge, skills and training in order to be able to carry out the process.

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The forwarding service includes all aspects of delivery including: loading, reloading, unloading, transport and return. Our forwarders take care of document preparation in order to comply with guidelines relating to transport, contract completion, shipping insurance, transport selection and customs clearance. In a nutshell, the forwarding service consists of complex activities to ensure that your cargo reaches its recipients safely following departure from the warehouse.

At Logiscom, our most important goal is to meet our customers’ needs, and therefore the first step to our working partnership is an initial consultation. Your individual needs will dictate what type of vehicle would be the most appropriate to transport your goods to their destination as quickly and safely as possible. Depending on what means of transport is needed, a quote will be generated, and our team will start looking for a suitable external company with capacity to transport the cargo. This is what makes the forwarding service different from the transport service. Forwarding requires partnership working with subcontractors and the transport service is delivered by Logiscom in house.

Why should you order a forwarding service?

The forwarding service is useful when we need to plan for the transfer of goods from point A to point B and we do not have the appropriate means of transport to achieve this. Logiscom provides this service in partnership with subcontractors. However, our offer also includes a transport service where this is delivered in house.