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Why is the logistics service worth paying for and what is it, exactly?
The history of logistics dates back to the 10th century, however back then it was a term mostly related to military activities. It became one of the pillars of business in the 1950s, and since then it revolutionised the world of production and transport by making the processes easier and more reliable. Logistics is a type of service offered to companies and businesses who need help with transportation and shipments but do not have access to logisticians in house. Our goal at Logiscom is to plan, execute and control a smooth and cost-effective flow of your products and materials between your desired locations to meet your requirements.

The logistics service we offer is dedicated primarily to smaller companies. We can help you plan for your production demand and develop a supply chain of semi-finished products. We can also offer you a choice of transport means to deliver your finished products to your customers and recipients.
Our service is carried out comprehensively and holistically so that our clients can focus on their business development, whilst leaving logistics to professionals who want to see them succeed.

Why is it worth ordering a logistics service?

A logistics service is essential to ensure that everything goes according to plan and your goods are delivered to your desired location. If your business doesn’t already cover logistics, it is worth considering ordering such a service at Logiscom. With Logiscom you can be confident that the entire process, from production planning to delivering your finished product, is fast and efficient and that you avoid unnecessary delays, slips and downtimes. Utilising logistics leads to significant savings, and in the long run, improvement of any enterprise, which results in increased production and turnover for your business.

What is included in the logistics service?

Logistics is a broad term which covers all activities related to the efficient and effective flow of materials including raw materials, finished products, as well as information, from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Logiscom provides specific services as part of this to allow you to meet your needs and achieve your business goals:

  • transport services
  • shipping services
  • warehousing services