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Our transport service is at the core of all our activities. We offer it to customers who need to deliver their products to their desired destination, however, do not have the appropriate equipment to do so. For some loads, it is not only the right type of transport that is required, but also various permits, without which the delivery would be impossible. Logiscom operates in accordance with national and international regulations, and you can be confident that we will take care of all the necessary documents for you.

We specialise in various types of transport and have access to the highest quality equipment. Our fleet includes the most modern tractor units, semi-trailers and forklifts, all to ensure a comprehensive service for each customer. We will take care of all your needs from start to finish and our offer includes warehousing and customs clearance services for your convenience.

All our drivers are trained specialists who will ensure the safety of your cargo along the entire route. All loads we transport are insured for the amount of EUR 300,000. Your confidence and peace are Logiscom’s priority.

The Logiscom transport service caters for basic oversize transports, as well as non-standard oversize transports. Managing the latter requires a lot of experience from each individual employee and the company as a whole. At Logiscom we are aware of the potential dangers, and therefore we make sure that we carry out the process with attention to the smallest details. All our staff who run the vehicles, assist or load them are trained and experienced specialists.

We deliver cargo everywhere, we operate in Poland, the United Kingdom and the European Union. We strive for a smooth customer experience. We will provide you with a competitive quote and select the most appropriate means of transport for you, leading to a successful delivery. We will take care of all the necessary documentation as we go along. If we are not able to provide you with the right type of equipment, we will offer you our forwarding service which involves working in partnership with a subcontractor to meet your requirements.

Oversize transport

Our offer includes oversize transport services. Our employees are trained and equipped with all the right tools to transport cargos of extremely large dimensions. Such an operation requires specific knowledge and skills. Currently to meet oversize transport requirements the dimensions of the cargo must be greater than:

  • 16.5 m long
  • 2.5 m wide
  • 4 m high
  • The weight must be greater than 42 tons.

Logiscom has extensive experience in transporting cargos of non-standard dimensions and weights. If you are looking for a reliable carrier who will provide a comprehensive service, contact us.

LTL transport

LTL (less than truck load) transport, or partial transport occurs when the trailer is not fully loaded. If possible, cargo consolidation should be considered as it is likely to increase the profitability of transport. However, please note that this type of service requires more frequent loading and unloading which may extend the delivery time. Additionally, the vehicle will not be loaded for part of the route. However, the customer only pays for the actual loading space they used rather than for the entire vehicle space, which is an advantage.

FTL transport

FTL (full truck load) transport occurs when the vehicle carries one load only and remains fully loaded until it reaches its destination. Due to this type of transport usually only requiring one place of unloading (however in some instances it may require more) it is likely that the overall delivery time will be shorter. Additionally, the transported product belongs to one customer and takes up the entire cargo area.