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Logiscom offers warehousing facilities which can be offered independently of our other services (i.e. logistics, forwarding and transport). If you require a suitable space to store your products, please get in touch for a quote.

We have warehouses with the following dimensions:

area: 2,500 square meters
height: 3.5 meters
We have no weight limits for stored goods.

Our warehouses are located at our headquarters: Kochłowice 6, 46-220 Byczyna, Poland.

What kind of goods we do not store

For logistical reasons, we are unable to store:

  • loose products
  • hazardous materials (explosives, radioactive materials, etc.)
  • loads requiring a specific storage temperature
What does the price depend on:

Your goods can be stored for as long as necessary. The price depends on the space occupied (square meters or pallet spaces) and the storage time.